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5 More Search Engine Marketing Tips for Law Firms 

5 More Search Engine Marketing Tips for Law Firms

In our last post we covered why advertising on Google with SEM is so important for getting more leads for your law firm, and so problematic if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are 5 more best practices that you need to make sure you’re using if you are going to profitably increase your law firm’s lead with SEM.

Just remember that the experts here at Lead Science are available if you don’t have the time and bandwidth to learn and implement all of the methods outlined below.

1. Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword Insertion identifies keywords in the customer’s Google search and incorporates them into your Ad copy.

For example, if someone in need of legal help searches for “top-rated law firm,” you can ensure they receive your ad with “top-rated” in the headline. It’s an extremely effective way to ensure that your ad appears to be even more relevant to the consumer.

The other additional, HUGE benefit is that Google BOLDS any keyword in your ad copy that is part of the user’s search string. This has been shown for more than 2 decades to increase click-through-rate (CTR) for Google ads.

2. A/B Testing

No component of your marketing is complete without rigorous A/B testing.

A/B testing is the digital marketing process of changing one critical element of an ad (EG—ad copy, or creative, or offer), landing page (Layout, Offer, or Button), or general webpage (Layout, Call-to-Action, Graphics, etc.) and running the “control” and “test” version in parallel. This is how you can iteratively increase the ROI for your SEM campaigns.

To properly A/B test your Google Adwords ads, you need to make sure that the control and test versions are served sufficiently and randomly to the testing groups. Also, you need to have your goals properly/correctly configured so that you can measure the lift or decline in performance for the test. If you do begin using A/B testing, this can be a game-changer for your SEM.

If you would like help running your SEM campaigns/strategy and incorporating A/B testing, reach out to Lead Science and we can have an expert discuss this with you!

3. Quality Score Optimization

Google uses a metric called Quality Score to measure the user experience that your ads provide.

The Quality Score incorporates the relevancy of the ads and associated landing pages for the keywords that you are targeting with your ads. It also factors in the Landing Page experience (load time, copy relevancy, conversion & abandon rates) for each ad.

The better the Quality Score for your ad, the less you pay for the same click, for the same ad; it simply increases your ROI for free.

4. Lead Tracking

The goal of any marketing campaign is lead generation, so it’s imperative to know the origin of the leads that come in. Make sure that you not only have your Lead Forms tagged so that they are trackable, but also make sure that you link that tagging to the ad itself, so that you can do appropriate testing in Adwords (see #7 above).

Remember, more than half of your traffic is going to be Mobile, so call tracking and associating each call with the inbound ad click is critical to measuring the success of your Google SEM campaigns.

5. Remarketing

Not everyone who engages with your website or social media will be ready to sign up immediately.

It could be a situation of a potential client browsing in advance of anticipated legal troubles, or idle curiosity. Under any circumstances, these kinds of people represent prime targets for your marketing.

It’s easy to augment your SEM marketing within Adwords with Remarketing/Retargeting campaigns, assuming that you also have Google Analytics on your site. It can be as easy as linking the two systems and enabling campaigns. Facebook also provides a retargeting/remarketing platform that can help increase the ROI for the traffic that you’ve already invested marketing dollars to get to your website.

The Lead Science SEM solution

All these tips will help your firm not only generate more leads but also increase the return on your marketing budget. The more you understand Search Engine Marketing, the better able you are to leverage it for the benefit of your firm.

These tips are just a sample of the kind of in-depth Search Marketing knowledge we have in-house at Lead Science. Schedule your Discovery Call to see what our team of experts can do for your marketing efforts.

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