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8 Proven Tactics for Law Firm Marketing

Proven Tactics to Maximize Your ROI

When approaching your own marketing plans, you want proven tactics that will maximize your ROI. While the market is a constantly changing landscape, there are certain elements that remain constant. Today we’re going over 8 tactics you can use to supercharge your marketing campaigns.

1. Artificial Intelligence

With AI-generated words and pictures, artificial intelligence is the new must-have gadget. It would be a mistake to think of AI as a way to replace human workers. Where AI truly shines is as a tool and supplement for your flesh and blood employees.

AI can personalize elements of your marketing to more effectively target potential clients. Users are far more likely to click on ads relevant to them, and AI is an excellent way to support your efforts.

2. Programmatic Advertising

This is another way to get the best ad in front of the most receptive eyes. Programmatic advertising is a data-driven solution to deliver personalized ads to the audience you want.

Essentially, you automate the process of purchasing and placing ads. The ads then are dynamically placed to target the market you define. With programmatic advertising, you can buy and place ads in seconds.

3. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can be a powerful tool but require a lot of work and even more data to use. The idea is that by analyzing data, you can predict how likely a person is to become a client. When you know this, you can then target those people most likely with marketing tailored specifically to them.

4. Chatbots

When using chatbots the first rule is don’t accept any that don’t have natural language processing or NLP. Chatbots are a way to keep your site open to engagement at all hours, so your potential clients will always be able to reach someone.

You need NLP capabilities because you want a potential client to feel, even if they know otherwise, that they are being heard and addressed by a person who cares. Human-like conversational experiences are far better at producing conversions than the more primitive obviously artificial bots.

5. Predictive Lead Scoring

Not all leads you get are equally likely to convert into a client. You can use machine learning to prioritize those leads most likely to convert. In that way you can then focus your marketing on those specific people, where time and effort have a higher probability of reward.

6. Automated Email Campaigns

If you’re having trouble following up on all the leads your marketing efforts are bringing in, automated email campaigns are a great way to address the problem. Automating the process ensures that no one is forgotten, and you can set the time to respond at optimal times.

7. Micro-Moments Marketing

Micro-moments are a concept introduced by Google in 2015, and simply describe those moments when individuals turn to their phones to answer a question (“I want to know”), buy a good or service (“I want to buy”), do something specific (“I want to do”), or go somewhere such as to a specific restaurant or on vacation (“I want to go”).

Marketing at these moments is going after potential clients when their guard is at their lowest. They are, in essence, looking to be sold. Tailoring your marketing to these moments is often the most cost-effective marketing you can do.

8. SEO

Search Engine Optimization will always be the last word on any online marketing effort. Optimizing your site with keywords and relevant content will always be a proven tactic when it comes to marketing.

Marketing is all about ROI. You need to maximize the impact of every dollar you spend. These 8 tactics are a great way to ensure your marketing game is top level.

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