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Are you a Lawyer or Attorney According to SEO? 

Which Is Better for Search: Lawyer or Attorney?

Despite being used interchangeably, lawyer and attorney have slightly different meanings. The differences are slight, but raise an important point for those looking to market their services online. Are you a lawyer? Or are you an attorney? Which one is better for SEO?

If you’re at all versed in online marketing techniques, you know exactly what SEO is and how central to marketing it is. If you are a freshly minted lawyer or attorney and you don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making your website more attractive to search engines so that you appear as high up on search results pages as possible. SEO is vital for the success of any business looking to get noticed online. And if you weren’t already aware, that’s you.

Digging Into the Data

The process of SEO is never ending, and at times can veer into the extremely specific. Everyone needs that tiny edge over the competition. Though the question of whether you advertise yourself as a lawyer or an attorney seems minor, it’s an object lesson in how granular a good SEO strategy can be.

The answer to today’s question lies in Google Analytics. For over two decades, the consistent answer has been “attorney.” More searches use the term attorney than lawyer by a significant margin. There you go. You’re an attorney.

True SEO has dozens, even hundreds, of questions like this one. Each one that you answer correctly helps your overall SEO, and every one you don’t will surrender a lead to your competition. While you can make these calls for your firm, what you need is an expert.

Lead Science: Your SEO Experts

At Lead Science, we have experts with years of experience in SEO that will leave your competitors in the dust. Schedule your Discovery Call today and we’ll show you how our platform and team of experts can get your law firm to the top of search rankings.

And if you’re still wondering, a lawyer is trained in the law, while an attorney is licensed to practice law. All attorneys are lawyers, but not all attorneys are lawyers. Now you know.

Justin Robinson-Prickett
Justin Robinson-Prickett
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