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Building Instagram Ads That Convert 

Social media remains one of the most effective tools in the digital marketing box.

It’s free to start, and the more effective you become at it, the farther its reach grows. Even more importantly, this is where your customers spend their free time. Advertising here can feel, to customers, more like a post from a friend than a commercial. 

Among social media options, Instagram offers a unique way to build your brand and customer base. Instagram captures the attention of users like no other platform, as attractive images drive engagement. The key to utilizing this powerful tool lies in turning interested users into paying customers.  

Instagram ads are an ideal tool for this purpose. A user will click on the ad and be taken to a page of yours, ideally with a similar visual identity to maintain a seamless experience. As with other social media advertising, the question becomes where you should link your ads? The skill in this platform is understanding which option to use, and the answer of course varies depending on your purpose. 

  1. Your Website Homepage 

Your site is not only your digital “front door”, but also an introduction to your brand and the beginning of your sales funnel. Think of this as the ideal destination for an ad if your primary purpose is attracting new business and familiarizing them with your overall services and offerings.  

Your page needs to be an active part of your sales funnel, gracefully ushering users on a journey that ends with a lead submission. The page should be user-friendly with an intuitive layout and have prominent Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that spark engagement and lead submission. 

  1. Product or Service Page 

Linking Instagram ads directly to a page with additional details specific to the service that the ad is promoting is ideal for a more focused approach.  Ensuring that this page provides clear call-to-actions will give interested visitors an easy and intuitive path to scheduling an appointment or completing a lead form to gather more details.   

  1. Dedicated Landing Pages 

One of the most effective choices for destinations are custom landing pages with tailored content matched to the ad’s message. This creates a cohesive experience that builds trust, as the link takes a user precisely where they assumed it would. 

Optimizing such ads and landing pages for Instagram can produce immediate results. Users find these kinds of ads enhance their overall experience, and increased conversions are never far behind. 

  1. Promotion and Event Pages 

If you have a time-dependent offer or event, consider tailoring a specific landing page to your promotion. Because the offer has an expiration date, you don’t run the risk of users growing tired of an ad. More importantly, the sense of urgency around a sale can be a boon for conversions. 

Ideally, the Instagram ad provides the bare bones of the offer, while the dedicated page goes into more detail. You can even have a place to sign up, depending on your business model. 

  1. Make It Fun! 

There are literally hundreds of other options, limited only by your creativity. Thinking outside the box can be highly effective, especially when peppered through a more traditional ad campaign. Sometimes the switch in tone and content is just what a potential customer needs to convert. 

Think about using ads to link to an interactive experience page or create a contest or giveaway designed specifically for Instagram users.  Make giveaways time-dependent to give your page a shot of urgency. Promoting engagement with a quiz or a survey is also a great way to drive followers to your website.  Linking your ads to your website serves the purpose of driving users to your site, where the site’s optimized architecture takes over and starts the process of gaining you more clients and growing your business. 

There’s no one right answer to what your Instagram ads can link to. Alternate between these various options and never be afraid to test different landing pages. One of the primary strengths of digital marketing over traditional is your access to metrics. Use them! You can see the figures in black and white and know for certain where your strongest ROI lies. 

No matter what you choose, ensure that every landing page has a Lead Generation form. Gather leads and watch your business grow. 

Driving new business is our passion here at Lead Science.  We have over two decades of experience leveraging the power of digital marketing for a big impact on local business.   

We would love to meet with you, walk through your existing digital presence, and talk about how we can enhance your growth! 

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