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Content Marketing for Attorneys: How to Build Your Audience

Reaching your target audience is a critical component of content marketing. Let’s explore how you can ensure your law firm’s marketing efforts don’t go unnoticed.

The challenge for modern marketing is to capture attention. Attention is at a premium and is the first step for any other opportunity a company might want to take advantage of. The question is, in a crowded marketplace with everything clamoring for attention at once, how do you capture it?

The answer is a word you’ve probably been seeing a lot of: content.

Content is a blanket term coined by marketing professionals to describe anything that can appear on a website, whether it’s a blog, video, podcast, or anything else. Good content attracts visitors to your website and keeps them there, a vital part of your sales funnel. Just as important, content is a piece of an effective SEO strategy. Search engines prioritize content that is not only relevant to a search query but also new. In other words, to remain competitive in the SEO process, you need to be constantly creating new content.

You’re no doubt thinking that you’re a lawyer and you don’t have the first clue how to do this. Don’t worry. We have a few simple tips that will get you creating the kind of content that will capture the attention of potential clients and keep your site at the top of search results.

Lean Into Your Expertise

To the vast majority of your clients, the law is mysterious and maybe even a little scary. Your expertise can help dispel that notion. Think about what sorts of questions you might want answered. Talk to your friends and family as well. That will give you an idea of what potential clients might be thinking about when they come to your site.

Approaching the content you create in this manner helps build your authority in the subject, which is one of the pillars of Google’s algorithm. You’ll find that the longer you’re at it, the more traffic you’ll generate. Content creation has a snowball effect, and much like a snowball, your hard work can melt away if you don’t keep at it.

How to improve your law firm website traffic, person typing into search bar

Creating authoritative content is a key component of SEO strategy that will reap long-term benefits in the form of website traffic.

Location, Location, Location

Though the internet doesn’t have a location, you do. Physical location is important for any business, but doubly so for you. Not only are your clients not going to travel out of state for an attorney, you’re not likely not to be licensed in very many states. This is good news for your content, because you can tailor it further for the types of traffic you want to receive.

Use geographic keywords to optimize your content. Talk about the specific legal challenges locals are likely to face. The longer you practice, both as an attorney and content creator, the better you will be able to create the kinds of content that will attract clients from your area.

What Clients Want

When crafting your marketing strategy, you need to keep the most important person in mind: your client. Create in your mind, your ideal client. Be as specific as you can, crafting a narrative, name, and backstory for this person. Then, when creating your content, you are doing so specifically to address the concerns of this person. It might sound silly, but it’s one of the most effective marketing strategies there is.

If you’re having trouble understanding what this person would want to know, try Googling some of the questions you routinely get asked. Scrolling down to the “People also ask” section will give you even more ideas of what your clients want in their content.

The “People also ask” section of Google search results pages are a good place to begin researching topics that your audience is interested in.

Put the Multiple in Multiple Media

It can be tempting to stay within one lane, especially once you’re comfortable. Becoming a great legal blogger is wonderful, and will absolutely help you, but it’s not the end. Explore other options in your content creation.

Videos remain popular, with 75 million Americans watching them daily. Audio is the fastest growing medium. The more media you explore, the better positioned you will be to take advantage as one form grows in popularity. Your versatility will also be attractive to search engines, as the different kinds of content will work wonders for your search results.

Don’t Neglect Your Style

Writing is a skill like any other; the more you do it, the better you get. When sitting down to write a piece of content, whether blog post or video, keeping a few guidelines in mind will pay dividends.

Craft an eye-catching headline that will compel your visitors to read. Focus on a single issue; content that touches on too much will feel unfocused and cause you to lose eyes rather than gain them. And remember, write directly to that client in your head. Work to engage that person, and the rest will follow.

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