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Don’t Leave Your Site Visitors Hanging

You have visitors coming to your website.  Potential new clients.  However, when you look at the analytics, all you see are visitors, but they are leaving before they attempt to connect with you by completing a contact form.  What’s wrong here?  How do you turn your website traffic into clients? 

Converting website traffic into clients involves guiding your site visitors through a journey that intrigues them and encourages them to take specific actions that lead to them becoming your paying customers. 

Not all shoppers are alike, which means that you must offer options to engage visitors who have different “triggers” that drive engagement.  Here are some effective steps to include in your overall presence: 

Clear, FRONT & CENTER, Call-to-Actions (CTA)

Prominent and compelling CTAs across your website that guide visitors to take desired actions such as scheduling a consultation, requesting a quote, signing up for a newsletter, utilizing Click-to-Call, submitting a “Claim This Deal” contact form, and more need to be implemented.  Don’t hide these CTAs – keep them “sticky” so that they follow your visitor as they peruse your site and make it easy for them to act easily and connect with you. 

Landing Pages with Purpose 

You need dedicated landing pages that align with specific offers, services, skillsets, and more to ensure that each page is conversion oriented.  This means your pages should focus on persuading visitors to take the next step. 

Engaging and Informative Content 

Your content needs to connect with your desired audience’s wants, needs, and pain points.  By showcasing the benefits and solutions to their triggers that your business provides, your content builds trust and credibility.  

Optimize Contact Forms 

Make it easy for visitors to reach out to you.  Keep contact forms simple and ensure that they are user-friendly to encourage requesting more information. 

Testimonials and Case Studies 

Social proof, along with client testimonials, success stories, or case studies that highlight how your services have benefited others can greatly influence visitors’ decisions.  Additionally, providing free resources and guides that address your audience’s needs encourage visitors to share their contact info in exchange for valuable content. 

Implement Live or AI Chat or Click to Text 

Engaging customers with a “real-time” feel to answer queries and guide them can improve customer satisfaction and conversions. 

Personalize the User Experience 

Take advantage of tools to implement personalization techniques based on user behavior, preferences, or past interactions.  Tailored recommendations and content increase engagement. 

Use Retargeting and Remarketing 

You captured the attention of a potential client.  Yay!  ….but they didn’t convert.  Don’t lose momentum.  Retargeting ads across different platforms to re-engage visitors who previously visited your site helps to remind them of your services. 

Offer Limited-Time Promotions or Deals 

Encourage site visitors to act quickly by creating a sense of urgency with time-limited special offers, promotions, and discounts. 

Build Trust and Credibility 

Don’t forget, a new prospect doesn’t know you, or what makes you different or more qualified than your competition.  Showcase your badges, certifications, affiliations, and industry awards to reassure potential clients about your expertise and reliability. 

Provide Clear Value Propositions 

Don’t just throw up a special or list a “service”.  Be clear in your communications and visuals about the unique value proposition of your services and offers.  Putting in the effort to explain with additional detail what your competitor doesn’t will help to make prospects select you. 

Follow-Up and Nurture Leads 

New Clients come from leads.  Whether they are following you on social, or they have completed a form on your website to connect, it is imperative that you respond as close to immediately as possible to any inquiries and that you continue to nurture all leads.  Email marketing sequences can help with this, but it’s important that you provide valuable responses and content, relevant offers, and gentle reminders about your services or products. 

Track and Analyze Conversion Patterns 

Make use of your analytics!  Track user behavior, identify what pages are converting at a higher rate and understand where your visitors drop off.  This allows you to adjust strategies based on data to optimize conversion paths.  A/B Testing your offers to find what gains the most valuable attention, and heatmapping to establish positive patterns can drive stronger ROI. 

When you strategically implement these tactics, you can guide website visitors through the conversion funnel, to achieve the goal of ultimately turning them into paying clients. 

Tailoring your approach based on your audience’s needs and behavior will significantly improve your conversion rates. 

At Lead Science, we are passionate about converting website traffic into clients!   

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