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Capture More Leads, Get More Clients with Optimized CTAs 

How to Use Call to Actions on Your Website

Your website is your digital storefront in the biggest market in human history. Its primary purpose is to bring business to your firm in the form of leads. Therefore, your site needs to have a tested lead capture program utilizing its Calls to Action (CTAs) well. With these 7 tips, you can make your CTAs useful in the highly competitive arena of digital marketing.

1. Be Clear and Concise

The last thing you need with a CTA is confusion. A visitor should know exactly what is expected of them when they arrive on your page. Target your language toward your ideal client base, using words and phrasing that they recognize and respond to. CTAs like “get your free consultation” or “speak with a lawyer today” are direct CTAs that have a good track record of producing results.

2. Make CTAs Prominent

Going hand in hand with the idea of clarity in your prompts, the CTAs themselves should be easy to find. Because the internet is so convenient, any inconvenience can cause a visitor to quit. After all, if they can’t figure out one site, one they can figure out is just a click away.

Your CTAs should be impossible to miss. Place them in prominent spots on the site, with the header and footer being two of the most popular spots. Contrasting colors, bold texts, and eye-catching but tasteful fonts can make them stand out from the surrounding page.

3. Use More Than One CTA

If you’re concerned that a single CTA isn’t enough, you can use multiples. The key here is to avoid saturating your visitors with contradictory options. Too many can cause decision paralysis. You also need to integrate them into the overall design so that they stand out, but don’t spoil an otherwise elegant page.

4. Keep Forms Short

Short and sweet should be your motto for lead capture forms. Visitors are often reluctant to send more than basic information. The longer a form is, the more likely they will simply move elsewhere.

Ask for essential information only. Whatever the minimum amount you need to follow up with a client should be the entirety of the form. If you want extra, keep those fields optional, and be prepared for a lot of leads to simply skip them.

5. Give Them Something

Your odds of generating a lead go up substantially if you’re offering something of value. If a lead comes with a free consultation, a legal guide, or even an eBook, a visitor is much more likely to take the plunge and send information. The free content, whatever it may be, should feed into your ultimate sales pitch. When you contact them, you can fold that information in with what they submitted on the lead.

6. Speed Is of the Essence

Follow up with leads as soon as humanly possible. Contact your leads by phone call or email, wherever you are most comfortable with your sales technique. You’re looking to strike while the iron is hot. A lot of the time when someone submits a lead, they are looking for help with an extant legal problem, and sometimes it’s enough just to be first. Even without that, by responding quickly, you are showing the lead that they matter to you, putting a personal touch on what up until this point had just been a website.

7. Test, Test, and More Tests

As with any part of your website, nothing is complete without extensive testing. Test placement of CTAs, fonts, colors. Test the content of your forms, the number of questions, your phrasing of them. Test every data point you can think of, and then test them all again. Use analytics tools to track your results. The more data you gather, the more you can optimize your website for lead capture.

Partner With the Conversion Experts

CTA and lead capture is the primary purpose of your website. While these 7 tips can get you started, there’s no substitute for the expertise of the digital marketing professionals at Lead Science.

Schedule your Discovery Call today and we’ll show you what we can do with CTAs, lead capture, and much more. With our help, your site will be a lead generation powerhouse in no time.

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