Kadlec Law Firm Case Study

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Case Study:

Learn how the Lead Science website platform supercharged the growth of Kadlec Law Firm.

When the Law Offices of Shane R. Kadlec chose Lead Science as their digital marketing partner, they could never have imagined the extraordinary success they would experience. Using advanced lead generation techniques, Lead Science increased their leads by an extraordinary 68% in three months.

Read the full Case Study to learn how Lead Science and Kadlec Law Firm achieved such stunning results. 

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“The Lead Science team worked closely with us to understand our unique needs and created a website that not only looks professional but is also optimized for lead generation. Their expertise in website design and optimization has had a significant impact on our business, helping us attract more potential clients and grow our firm.”

Shane R. Kadlec, Attorney, InjuryLawyerHouston.com
50% More Leads in 90 Days

The Lead Science Guarantee

We have seen such a dramatic impact on our clients results that we offer a Lead Guarantee – within 90 days of Lead Science moving your site from any provider to our platform, we will increase qualified leads by 50% or you can cancel your contract at no charge. Lead Science will also guarantee a 25% increase in qualified leads or you can cancel and we will refund your service fees.

*Terms and conditions apply.

50% More Leads in 90 Days