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Make Social Media Automation Work for Your Law Office

Managing a variety of social channels is a tall task, but with social automation you can make your social marketing fast, fun, and effective.

Social media is free, trusted, and engages your client base on their home turf. For these reasons, any good marketing plan will include social media as a vital component. Your law firm should be on all the big social media platforms and even a few of the smaller ones. We’re not talking about that today—though if you’re not, make some accounts right now and start posting.

Aside from its obvious benefits, social media has some costs as well, even if they’re not monetary. Social media automation is one of the newest methods for capturing the benefits of social media marketing while minimizing the costs.

Scheduling Posts

On social media, all times are not equal. For example, Facebook has observed their highest traffic in the early afternoons on weekdays, presumably while users go on their lunch breaks. Posting at 1pm tends to net the most shares, while posting at 3pm nets the most clicks. A decent rule of thumb regarding posting: what is your target audience likely to be doing? If the answer is staring at their phones, it’s a good time to post.

Inspiration doesn’t strike at your convenience, nor does your schedule necessarily allow you to post at these peak times. Automation neatly gets around this limitation. Write your posts when you have some downtime, and queue them up to receive the most eyes.

Social Media for Law Firms

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool, but it requires a large commitment of your time and effort. By using social automation techniques, you can reduce the amount of time you spend creating and monitoring your posts.

Batch Posting

Your array of social media accounts needs to feel like they’re giving followers a unified experience that can work alone or as part of a whole. Managing multiple social media accounts can be a challenge, straining both time and creativity. This is especially true when you’re trying to maintain consistent messaging and a good flow of posts across several platforms.

With batch posting automation, you can keep everything on a schedule. For an attorney, whose time and attention are at a premium, batch posting ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Every one of your social media accounts gets attention, and the unity of experience gives potential clients the feeling that they are friends.

Track Metrics

Social media is a skill like any other, and so it takes practice. Part of improvement is learning what works and what doesn’t. The answer lies in your social media metrics. You can track views, engagement, reposts, and so on. Knowing which of your posts get good engagement and which don’t puts you well on your way to becoming a great social media presence.

Low-level metrics tracking is possible just by eyeballing the amount of Likes and comments a post receives. Automated social media will go a lot further, giving you an expert vantage on exactly how your posts are performing and with some insight, how you can improve your social media game.

Social Monitoring

Automated social media platforms allow you to earmark certain topics, keywords, names, and hashtags across the web. Armed with these virtual bookmarks, you can keep an eye on the conversations you value. Not only will this assist with your own content creation, but you’ll be aware of potential problems before they become real ones.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The lifespan of a single tweet is 18 minutes. This is the short end for social media posting types, but it serves to illustrate an important principle of social media: nothing lasts forever, or even a particularly long time. This is daunting as you’re expected to add new content to the conversation on the regular.

Automation helps you recycle old posts. Even though you’re no doubt posting in peak traffic times, much of your audience will miss your posts. By recycling well-performing favorites, you’re getting more use out of them.

Automate Your Social Accounts With Listings Manager

The Lead Science AI-enhanced Advanced Listings Manager puts the power of social marketing automation at your fingertips. An intuitive tool that helps create the content you need, the Social AI component of Advanced Listings Manager can automatically create posts for your various social media accounts from a single user-friendly location on the Listings Manager app. Choose a type of message, define parameters, and even pick a tone, and you will generate a post that can immediately and efficiently go live across your social media presence.

As your content attracts organic traffic, it will also enhance your SEO by optimizing content for prime online visibility. Advanced Listings Manager provides you with a user-friendly, intuitive application that effectively leverages the power of AI for smart content management on every social media platform. Optimize your messaging, improve your SEO outcomes, and gain a competitive advantage in your market.

Listings Manager by Lead Science, sync your business listings from the Lead Science platform

In addition to automating your social marketing, Listings Manager gives you the ability to quickly update your business listings across the web, monitor your client reviews, and gain new insights into your business with advanced analytics. Schedule your Discovery Call to learn more.

Take Your Social Marketing to New Heights

As an attorney, your time is at a premium. Every moment you’re managing a social media account is a moment you’re not serving your clients. And yet, to attract a healthy client base, you need to be a social media expert.

Automation eliminates many of the challenges, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best: representing your clients. To see what social media automation can do for you, schedule your Lead Science Discovery Call today. We’d love to show you how Advanced Listings Manager with its Social AI features can streamline your content creation and supercharge your SEO.

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