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Your Local Business and Facebook 

The most effective marketing meets your audience where they are.

In digital spaces, for local business, there is no denying that this means social media. Facebook boasts an audience of highly diverse demographics, which makes it an essential tool for brand awareness and getting in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in what your business offers.  

However, just having a Facebook page isn’t enough to drive more clients directly to you.

The key to taking advantage of the power of Facebook is to ensure that your posts and ads take potential clients to a destination.

This means you should link your messaging to more details and engaging content that encourages booking an appointment or completing a contact request or lead form. 

Engineer your Facebook presence to be a key part of your sales funnel by linking your ads and posts to a website that is tailored to achieve the specific goal of your campaign. A well-designed landing page will engage your prospective clients with more details and entice them with a clear call-to-action so that they take the next step in the sales process to reach out and connect with you. 

Look at every Facebook post as an entry into your current campaign. Each post and page can be built to echo your central message and push your campaign objectives. Here are seven best practice pages to integrate into your digital marketing efforts, via Facebook links:  

  1. Website Homepage 

A link to your homepage is ideal to promote general brand awareness and introduce your business to new audiences. Ensure that your homepage provides a clear overview of your business services, specialties, and location. Plus make sure that Call-to-Actions (CTAs) are prominent and front and center to take your visitor to the next step via a lead generation form, or appointment scheduling option. This is the virtual “front door” to your business, so it needs to be welcoming and engaging so that new visitors know that they have found the right business for their needs. 

  1. Specific Product/Service Pages 

When your Facebook campaign is directly promoting an offering or service, linking directly to a page that provides more details can increase conversions by giving immediate access to specifics about what your ad is promoting.  This type of direct marketing is built to cut down on the number of steps that a visitor needs to take. When you give potential clients immediate access to a deal, they are more likely to take it.  

Many times, businesses neglect to promote lesser-known services and website visitors leave their site without realizing that the business offered exactly what they were looking for. Have a product or service that you feel could use more attention? A properly optimized landing page can be an excellent choice to draw in more clients.  

  1. Dedicated, Custom Landing Pages 

It is highly beneficial to create custom landing pages tailored to your ad’s content and target audience. A post that links directly to a page that relates to the ad they clicked on, makes it more compelling for your visitors to act.  

The same principle is true for Promotions and Events. The benefits of building pages that tell the “rest of the story” and funnel your prospective clients to sign-ups and purchase decisions are impressive. 

  1. Contact Pages 

When your goal is to encourage visitors to schedule appointments, then create ads encouraging users to contact your business with questions or directly schedule appointments by linking directly to the contact page on your website, or to a form where they can easily get in touch or book services.  

  1. Store Locator or Map 

Location, Location, Location! For local businesses, it’s important that potential clients can “feel” how convenient your business is for them. Linking to your physical location, or map can help users find you and encourage them to visit. Your website should also have an easy to click location icon that a site visitor can click via mobile to instantly open their map app on their mobile phone to locate you. 

  1. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or another Direct Text 

The expectation of available instant messaging continues to grow. Linking directly to an instant messaging application can facilitate immediate interaction. Go from curiosity to a sale in one easy step. 

  1. Lead Generation Forms 

Remember, your website is the virtual “front door” to your business. The goal of all social and digital marketing is to increase your client base. This means that you must continuously gather leads, contact information, or book appointments for successful growth.  

Stay ahead of your competition with better digital marketing processes. Ensure that your Facebook post or ad has a clear, clickable link to your lead generation tool or landing page with effective call-to-actions front and center. 

These days, most internet usage is on mobile devices. Think of how much social media browsing you do on your own phone.

You can leverage Facebook best by ensuring that any landing page you link to is optimized for mobile, providing a smooth transition between Facebook content and your landing page to maintain user interest and increase the likelihood of conversion. 

Our Lead Science website platform is built mobile-first. Your site visitors’ experience is not only optimized, but we keep the important call-to-actions in front of your visitor to make it easy to reach out to connect with you. Our map links are set up to open the users mobile map application for fast and easy routing as well.

A website built on the Lead Science platform is ideal for ensuring a visitor’s time on your site is an experience engineered to convert curiosity into business.  

The Lead Science team can make connecting your Facebook presence with your website lead driving tools seamless. Schedule a Discovery Call now and be amazed at how we can enhance your overall digital presence.  

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Justin Robinson-Prickett
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