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7 Features Every Law Firm Website Needs

Ensure you are giving website visitors an optimal experience with these 7 features

More people will interact with your website than will ever see your physical office. While law firms used to depend on traditional advertising and word of mouth, now find that their websites are their number one tool for attracting new clients.

Existing in this hyper-competitive digital market means your website is going to need these 7 features.

1. Who We Are

You want people who click on your site to know they’ve come to the right place. In explaining who you are, start with generalities: you’re a law firm, your specialty area(s) of the law, and so forth.

Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your description. Your firm is as unique as you are, and clients love to have a human face put on what can otherwise feel impersonal. Personality can often be a selling point for you as well.

Different clients are looking for different things in an attorney. Some want a pugnacious fighter, some want all business, some want a little handholding. By being honest about who you are, you’re better able to attract clients who want that, clients who will come back or recommend you to others.

2. Contact Information

As the primary purpose of your site is to solicit contact with potential clients, your contact information is hugely important for your site. There are two schools of thought on the proper method of presenting the information.

The first is a dedicated page with your information, with a prominent link in your menus. This has the advantage of being in a single spot, and easily findable for those who look. The second option is to include your contact information on the top of every page like a letterhead. The advantage is that it’s even easier to find, at the cost of cluttering your page a little bit.

Your contact information and contact page link must be easily accessible from anywhere on your website.

Contact information is so important that I recommend a third option: both. Unfortunately, there’s no place so obvious to put information that someone won’t miss it. By including it in both spots, you’re cutting that number down to the bare minimum.

3. Mobile-Friendly

Half of all global online traffic comes from mobile devices. 60% of all organic search engine visits originate from a mobile device. Mobile phones account for 53% of online shopping. These figures have only been going up.

The message is clear: your website must be optimized for mobile browsers.

Modern clients have become accustomed to answering questions as soon as they arise, no matter where they are. If someone in the wild sees one of your billboards, or thinks of one of your commercials, they’re apt to reach for their smartphone and google you. The last thing you need is for them to visit a website they can’t navigate.

Responsive Websites

Ideally, your site should feature a responsive design that will detect what device your visitor is using to access your site and display the proper version. That way, they’re always getting a site optimized for their preferred mode of browsing.

Web design on tablet and mobile phone

Websites that use Responsive technology will display optimized versions of the same site for any device or screen size.

At Lead Science, our responsive platform ensures all our websites look and perform perfectly no matter what device a person is using. Responsive websites have an optimal user experience, are easy to manage, and are guaranteed to work with the variety of devices that will appear in the future. It’s for those very reasons that Responsive technology is Google’s recommendation for websites.

4. Content Library

The internet has a bottomless appetite for content and your site is no exception. Don’t look at content creation as a burden. Look at it as a fun way to flex your creative muscles and draw more curious visitors to your page. Oftentimes, it’s your content that will attract the initial attention that culminates with a new client signing on.

Not only does content help drive organic traffic by virtue of its entertainment and educational value, but it also boosts your SEO. Search engine algorithms love fresh and regularly updated content. Don’t be too worried if you’re not creating the best right off the bat. Experience will make you better and your traffic will reward you.

cell phone highlighting a search query

There is a direct correlation between the content found on your website and search rankings.

Your content also provides a space where you can showcase your unique personality and your specialties in the practice of law. Lay people have hundreds if not thousands of questions about what you do. Start answering them.

Looking for some assistance?

Embrace the exciting opportunity of content creation by leveraging the Lead Science managed blog service. With our expert help, you can unleash your creativity and captivate curious visitors on your site. Not only will your content garner attention, but it will also pave the way for new clients to come on board.

Moreover, our service plays a crucial role in boosting your website’s SEO, as search engine algorithms highly favor regularly updated and relevant content. With Lead Science’s expertise, your blog posts will be unique, fresh, and regularly updated, ensuring they are ready to share on social media. We’ll also handle expert categorization, tagging, and professional comment moderation, saving you valuable time while building an effective SEO strategy.

Schedule your Lead Science Discovery Call to learn more about our SEO and managed blog service.

5. Customer Testimonials

In the old days, word of mouth was the primary traffic driver through a firm’s front door. Customer testimonials have taken the place of word of mouth. In a sense, a testimonial is word of mouth from someone the recipient has never met, but by virtue of appearing on your site, gains the legitimacy provided by the relationship.

The short version is that your website should highlight testimonials from your clients. Whether it’s about your comforting manner or skill in the courtroom or favorability of results, any testimonial makes a visitor more likely to submit a lead.

Highlight testimonials on your website to offer social proof of your prowess as an attorney and build trust with your potential clients.

When prioritizing placement of testimonials, use the quotes that most support your overall marketing strategy. Whatever part of the experience you’ve chosen to emphasize will inevitably find its way into some testimonial.

6. Staff Photos & Bios

Legal problems are stressful and the whole situation can feel impersonal and even dehumanizing. Put a human face on your firm. Yours. And your staff.

When getting photos taken of you and your staff, use a professional photographer. Even if you’re looking to project a more casual aura, a pro will ensure that everyone looks their best. The photos should be taken from the same angle, giving a unified look that draws attention to the people.

Don’t overcomplicate your attorney bios. Keep them short and sweet so that potential clients can quickly find out why they should hire you as their attorney.

Your bios don’t have to be long; they just need to be effective. A few sentences, talking about education, professional experience, notable accomplishments, and a personal detail or two. These are to help visitors get a sense of who you are, but it’s not an autobiography. Like everything else online, brevity is the soul of wit.

7. Calls-to-Action

Never forget that the purpose of your website is to generate leads. As such, your visitors will need to take an action, such as clicking a link that takes them to a lead generation form.

Your CTAs should be easy to find, placed at the tops of pages or at the bottom for when a visitor is done scrolling. Testing both locations is highly advisable. Differentiate your CTAs from their surrounding space by using slightly larger fonts, contrasting colors, and eye-catching buttons. The challenge is to make a CTA stand out without being an eyesore.

CTAs should never be confusing. “Schedule your free consultation,” is a reliable prompt. When the visitor arrives on your lead generation form, keep it short and sweet. Ask only for what you need to follow up. The more you ask for, the more likely the lead is to go elsewhere.

Behavioral Targeting

Lead Science’s Lead Driver Behavioral Targeting System (BTS) offers a powerful solution to optimize your lead generation efforts. This innovative system goes beyond traditional methods and adds an extra layer of effectiveness by engaging users who are on the verge of leaving your site. With intent-driven exit messages tailored to their specific browsing behavior, you can capture their attention and provide them with personalized offers or messages.

Lead Science behavioral targeting system - exit intent pop up with custom messaging

Behavioral targeting allows you to present custom messaging to visitors that are getting ready to exit your website.

Businesses that leverage the Behavioral Targeting Engine typically experience an impressive 25% – 30% increase in lead conversions compared to those who do not. By combining strategic CTAs, user-friendly lead generation forms, and the cutting-edge BTS from Lead Science, you can take your lead generation to new heights. Every visitor will be compelled to act and submit a valuable lead for your business.

The Lead Science Website Platform

These 7 features will put your website in prime position to compete in today’s fast-paced market. At Lead Science, we have a tried-and-true website platform with two decades of experience helping businesses find new clients.

Schedule your Lead Science Discovery Call today. You’ll see how we use these features and many more to craft the most effective law firm websites on the market.

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